Our Members

APEX’s success is not possible without the generous support of our members. They are
part of a community that supports the arts and art education, allowing for APEX to attract
premier programming, close to home, and at minimal cost.

Corporate Members
Mary Lee and Carl Alford

Family Members
Betsy and Tom Anderson
Diana Batiz and Diego Pena
Sandy and Chris Borkowski
Hallie and Curt Caywood
Julie Cloud
Cara and Andrew Clugston
Patricia and Howard Coffey
Barb and Elliot Cohen
Jean and Dick Dodds
Kristina Duffy
Heather and Rob Engelhardt
Peggy and Frank Forcelli
Mary Anne Fyfe and Mal Turner
Mary Ann and George Goetz
Susanna and Howard Hilliard
Noreen and Bill Houston
Mary Ann and Dr. Timothy R. Jones
Vicki and Curt Kehr
Tamara and Kenneth McMillan
Nicola and Michael Mediterrano
Terri and Mark Messing
Barbara and Eric Milhizer
Rebecca and Christopher Miltenberger
Nadia and Eshan Moayyad
Gerri and Nick Musso
Deborah and Rick Perry
Debra and Wayne Pirtle
Christine and Gene Posnock
Sandy and Bruce Rosenstiel
Christy and Tim Sabo
Janet and Mark Schmidt
Arlene and Mark Schwartz
Kayanne Forney and Peggy Sumner
Nicole and Bill Tait
Misty and Chris Trahan
Lisa Wood
Brenda and Robert Wyatt
Martha and Cal Yudin
Christina and Adam Zeitsiff
Grapevine Art Project
Keller Public Arts

Individual Members

Tina Bacius
Vidisha Bajpai
Katy Bazzell
Jock Bethune
Martha Blue
Mike Cantrell
Suzie Cate
Michele Ciccone
Jesika Cook
Jeanette Doster
Emily Galpin
Frank Geslani
Garth Giles
Jennifer Goldberg
Lynda Haworth
Karen Hodges
Lu Kissick
Gail Mazanowski
Catherine McClain
Carolyn Morris
Pamela Muller
Miriam Murray
Laurie Ogborn
Patricia Papin
Joy Paprskar
Greg Patient
Barbara Pfirrman
Jane Plato
Darla Reed
Anita Robeson
Mary Sackleh
Denise Shirey
Melinda Smith
Joni Stanley
Mimi Tran
LuAnne Tyson
Brad White
Sherri Whitt
Christine Wright